Project omschrijving

Nomura – Musical Drummer Robot Japan.

Made in the early sixties by TN nomura. Made out of lithographed tin and battery operated by a remote control that take 2 D-Cell batteries to control the robot actions.

When this robot arrived to the Dutch Caves it knew it came with a lot of work. Somebody stepped on the robot and that is something these tin robot can not stand very well 🙂

most of the damage was done to the robots right hand.. if it was human. it would have resulted in an amputation for sure… but… for robots there is hope.
I had to take the robot apart so that i could get access to the hand in a good way and while I was taking the robot apart, i found out that almost everything was affected by the crush… not to bad but a lot was bend and out of shape… so a good thing I had to take it apart and I could start to line all up again..

Took me quite some time to get the robots mechanism lined up properly again, fix the damaged hand, replace one eye ( i have original replacements ) and make sure the robot is ready for the next 50 years to come.

The result is stunning.. the robot works like new ! and beats the drum like if he just left the factory with walking action and lighted eyes. In over excellent + condition with original wire and remote control. Only the drum is, as it is with many of these robots, a professional made replacement. You can really not go wrong with this one… fantastic example of this hard to find robot !.

Very hard to find robot in any condition !

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