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Nomura – Interplanetary Space Fighter.

I bought this toy a couple of years ago on a market in Belgium. Its been sitting in the box since than and I realized i never had put the toy on my website, just as tons of others :-).. so it was finally time to do so 🙂

This hard to find toy with the box was made in Japan by nomura in the mid sixties. Battery operated ( 2 D-Cells ) with mystery bump and go action light, swiveling gun and a cool golden astronaut in control.  Impressive and somewhat fragile toy… and that is the reason why so few survived time…

The condition is excellent + and besides  some minor play wear there are no flaws to mention. The toy works fine and strong and comes with very good to excellent original box with some small tears and some damage to the lower right corner. Overall a very nice box !

Hard to find combination of toy and box. Interplanetary Space Fighter from Nomura Japan is one to add to your collection for sure !

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