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Modern Toys – X3000 Flying Saucer

This unusual flying saucer is one you dont see too often in the open market. I found it in an old antique / toyshop in Italy about 2 years ago. There was a box as well but the owner could not find it anymore,  because the saucer is rare but I can not remember i ever saw the box for this toy before… anyway…I went back 3 times to the shop but no luck so I had to drive back to Holland with the saucer but without the box…

This scarce and somewhat unusual saucer was made in the late fifties in Japan by Masudaya ( Modern Toys ) Its friction driven, it has a special moving part in the center of the dome and the saucer has 2 fins and the astronauts in control have a cabine at the back. ( wonder how the can ever see anything in outer space 🙂

X-3000 is made out of lithographed tin and the dome is plastic made. The condition is all original and the saucer is complete and works fine and strong. There is some playwear, some minor scratches and a couple of spots with spidering… STILL an above average example of this fantastic piece of Spacetoy History…
My weakness for flying saucers has never left the building so more saucers to be added

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