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Modern Toys – USA NASA Apollo

This is an example of a space toy that I rate as VERY Scarce and I will explain why…. Basicly this is not a very uncommon space toy. When you do some searching on the web, auctions there is a very good change you will find the toy within a month or so. It will be not so easy anymore to find this toy with the original box but things are going to be HARD if you try to find a mint example of this toy…. EVERY time you find this toy it has the same problem… the silver litho is damaged and is looking ugly. I have seen many of these in the past years but NEVER saw a mint boxed one.

Well finally here it is…. a kick ass Silver apollo with great silver and undamaged litho. The toy was made in the late 1960`s by Modern Toys in Japan. I have seen 2 box variations, this seems to be the later version. In action this toy will not fall from a table because of the non-fall action. Blinking light, clicking sound and a floating astronaut makes this a very attractive space toy. Box is decorated with awesome graphics.. Condition is mint and so is the box. Never played with before and you can simply not upgrade this one ever. IF you are looking for a mint example of this toy well here it is….

Hard to find in this condition, works perfect and strong….

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