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Modern Toys – Space Survey X-09

This early 1960`s (1963), Made in Japan, Space Survey X-09 was manufactured by Modern Toys (MT) It has the famous mystery bump&go action. Flashing lights make the show complete while the astronaut behind the control levers moves his hand up and down to control this teardrop shaped saucer. This spaceship also produces a loud clicking space sound.

This battery opereated Space Survey X-09 is in excellent original condition and comes with a professional made reproduction box which shows the beautiful artwork that was typical for the sixties.
There is no rust, there are no dings and the battery compartment is clean and the saucer works as if it was new.  Space Survey X-09 runs perfectly with a strong motor and flashing lights.

This saucer has hardly been played with and has only very light wear and a few small scratches. The litho is very clear and shiny as shown in the pictures. The plastic dome is clear and has minimal wear.

Scarce and hard to find in any condition. Space Survey X-09 will fit perfectly in any space toy collection

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