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Modern Toys – Space Patrol X-15

It was Robby the Robot, from the 1956 movie “forbidden planet” who made this flying saucer famous. Build in the late 1950`s by Masudaya (Modern Toys) this flying saucer has some very special litho: Robby the Robot. He is in control of this beautiful flying saucer with his fellow astronauts.

Space Patrol X-15 comes of course with mystery bump&go action and masudaya`s famous blowing system with floating satellite, flashing red and green lights. Even better is the fact that this saucer is complete with the always missing dish to catch the floating ball !

Space Patrol X-15 is hardly played with and is in near mint condition. All functions working as they did 50 years ago. X-15 with Robby lithoed on it, is very scarce and HIGHLY desirable in this condition with the dish and instruction manual. there is not box for this saucer.

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