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Marumiya – Changeman Prototype

This robot is to be believed one of the first prototypes of Changeman that was ever made by Marumiya. If you want to read the full story of Horikawa`s ( Marumiya`s ) Changeman, you can find all about it here on my website.

This beautiful Prototype Robot is just amazing and shows the search in creating something special that resulted in the final product: changeman. Probably made in the late sixties, early seventies in Japan by Marumiya.

This prototype is totally handmade and handpainted. Besides both the feet and the arms, there is not much common on this robot. The legs are plastic and handmade, the body is brass and handpainted. The head is plastic with tin parts and the covers on top are plastic and tinmade as well.

The robots mechanism is complex and looks like a 90 degrees turned attacking martian mechanism, at least that is my view. I have not seen the robots internals but the sound and the way it works looks like an attacking Martian mechanism that is rebuild and placed in an 90 degrees upside angel.

Its clear that this robot shows the search to something special, to something new. The robot was found between Mr Miyazawa`s boxes filled with parts and projects. There are even some drawings of this prototype which proves that this robot was the real forerunner of the final product, changeman.

As with most of Marumiya`s Prototypes this example is in full working order and works fine and strong. The robot walks forward with swinging arms although the robot has no head.. its hidden inside the body. Then the hatches on top of the body fold open and the robots head appears with shooting eyes and loud shooting sound. Than the head goes back into the body and the robot walks further.

Highly Detailed finish as you could expect from Marumiya`s Prototype Robots. An amazing find with a lot of historical insight and information.

An unique piece that belongs in a museum with all the additional information, history and wonderfull stories that comes with this prototype robot.

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