Project omschrijving

KO Yoshiya – Space Robot Trooper.

Of course this little red robot is based on Robby The Robot as many other robots that were made in the early sixties.

I found the robot overhere in Holland, not even that far from my place. It was the only robot in the house and while cleaning up the garage, a box was found with some old toys and because this robot is also an old toy, the robot was there as well 🙂

Not only the robot but the seller also had the box that belongs to the robot. It was originally sold in the Netherlands by a company called: Marskramer, they still exist these days by the way 🙂  ( Guess I have to contact them to see if there is any old stock left 🙂

Ok, back to the robot now. The robot is in near mint condition. I did not had many of these in my collection but this one is really a beauty ! Looks hardly been played with. The robot is all original and complete and has the original wire and remote. The remote is somehow special and only made for this robot as it houses only ONE D-Cell battery.

The dome is perfect and so is the rest of the robot and its still works with all the actions and gizmo`s inside the clear dome.
Accompanied by its original box that shows some wear from being stored away for such a long time in the garage.. Still a very nice and very good to excellent box, no repairs or whatever…

Where the robot shows up from time to time, its seldom seen in this condition WITH original box.   A rare robot, hard to find in any condition.

Scarce combination with the original box.

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