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Kamiya – Space Scout X-110

This is probably one of the most rare and scarce tin toy rockets that I saw in my career. First… look at the design: Awesome or not ! 🙂 !! There are rockets and rockets and then there is X110 Space Scout !  It’s becoming boring maybe but again… it comes from Italy. Italy has become my favorite country since so much is still to find and discover there.

Telling something important, useful and interesting about this rare rocket is not easy. This is the FIRST time I have ever seen this rocket complete. I saw one in a database but missing the tailfin. This one is complete. make no mistake here, this rocket is so scarce that it NEVER showed up in any catalog or auction before but the mystery goes on. the ONLY picture I could find shows “Alps” trademark on the rear fin. This one shows a K&K logo / made in Japan.
I did my best but I was not able to find any info on this trademark so far. The rocket is the same as the Alps one but its has a different trademark.

Update 21-1-2013:  Thanks to Thorsten from Sweden I was able to find out the manufacturer: Kamiya –  Kamiya Seisakusho
Thanks !

My guess is that the rocket was made in the late fifties, around 1958 – 1959 , somewhere in that timeframe. Made in Japan. The rocket is totally made out of lithographed tin, and is friction powered. The condition is excellent, normal played with condition, complete, working and 100 % original. Its on my shelves as a real diamond. what a proof of creativity and design… This is ART ! Enjoy the pictures.

Ultra rare and scarce !

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