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Horikawa SH – Rusher Robot Prototype.

This prototype for Rusher Robot was made in Japan by Mr. Shinji Miyazawa.  The story behind this robot remains in clouds and will probably always be…
The front panel of this robot is handpainted and shows the exact litho as the robot is pictured on the box.  Simply no idea why the final product has different litho than the robot pictured on the box.

This hand painted prototype is an absolute fantastic find, unique and ultra rare… The frontpanel is detailed hand painted… Very stunning work because even when you have the robot in hand, you have to look twice to see that it’s handpainted…

Now is rusher robot with an original box a very scarce robot and difficult to find… but if you want something really cool…  wow.. a handpainted prototype of this legendary robot !

Made by the master himself: Shinji Miyazawa !
The robots condition is excellent to near mint. complete and the frontpanel is hand painted just like the artwork on the box.  The robot works fine and comes with original box in good condition.

An absolute rare and scarce prototype of Rusher Robot.. Unique and only ONE exists….

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