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Horikawa SH – Fighting Robot

Well… Horikawa made many variations on this popular platform and every time I think…” I have seen them all ” a new variation shows up 🙂
This is what we all do it for, this is what makes the hobby 🙂

Horikawa – Fighting robot in BROWN with golden eyes, was made in the mid sixties in Japan by horikawa. The robot seems to share morst of the body, color and details with fighting spaceman, only this one is not an astronaut, its a real robot. The robot has a rare wonderful brown color that comes close to asakusa`s Thunder Robot. with lighted gun, lighted dome and 2 shoulder antennas of which i never understood the function 🙂

I can be pretty short about the robots condition: Near mint, perfectly working and NO flaws to mention. The robot looks hardly been played with and a few tiny dings in the battery cover are keeping it from higher grading. Absolute stunning example, clean battery compartment and perfectly working.

The robot comes with original box that has a tear in the toplid. This brown fighting robot is an absolute rare find, scarce robot.

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