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Horikawa – Rotate-O-Matic Super Robot

For me.. it has always been the face of this robot that made it special.  its simple but that makes it ultra Robot !
Super Robot was made in Japan in the early seventies by SH (horikawa ) and shows perfectly the transsition between old and new techniques.. tin and plastic to be more precise.

The robot is a 50-50 % robot .. half tin half plastic but 100% robot !
with all the actions a child could dream off.. walking, shooting with a rotating body and .. of course.. realistic sound ! 🙂

The condition of the robot is something to mention.. besides the fact that the box is not perfect the robot is missing the battery cover. The batteries ( C-Cells ) stay in place perfectly without the battery door.
The robot is working perfectly with all the actions and some minor play wear is all to mention. the box is “tatty” it did what it was supposed to do.. protect the robot.. but that came with a price or am a starting to get too dramatic now ! hahaha

Fact remains that this is a hard to find robot.. not showing up that often in the open market.
If you dont care about the missing door.. this one is perfect to add to any robot collection…

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