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Horikawa – Rotate O’ Matic Super Astronaut Silver Variation

This is for sure one of the most aggressive robots / astronauts every build, the destruction power is 10 on a scale of 10. Mostly found in black but scarce in silver is this Japanese build Super Astronaut. Build by Horikawa in the 1960`s.  This astronaut walks along and suddenly stops, opens its hatches and starts to fire in a 360 degrees circle. After 3 full circles he closes his doors again and walks further to find new enemies.

Horikawa`s Super Astronaut comes in its original box and is in excellent gently played condition. There is no rust no cracks and only minor playwear on this astronaut. The box shows minor wear, a few tears and a little tape repair at one of the side panels but is still a very nice and excellent box that is all original and shows the fantastic artwork of horikawa`s creative artists.

Mostly found in the black version which is pretty common. This silver version of Super Astronaut is much more scarce and less common.
Complete with the original box a great example of the famous Horikawa platform.

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