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Horikawa – New Space Station.

I found this boxed space station here in the Netherlands about 5 years ago in The Hague. a warm, very warm afternoon in summer of 2015. Tons of toys hidden on a dark and VERY dusty attic and i was as the first one allowed to enter there to grab some toys. The owner passed away and left a FULL house of toys behind for his family.. I had seen many crazy things but this.. wow !

I had to crawl my way through the attic and put boxes behind me to get 1 meter further.. and.. it was HOT !!. I ended up totaly hydrated BUT with a car full of robots and spacetoys… this space station was one of the toys i found there !

Its the cost reduced build of the complete red and blue tin stations.. this one only has 4 bays instead of 5 and the bottom is plastic.. all to reduce costs.. That is perhaps the reason why these are much more difficult to find.. the plastic bottom… not many toys survived the hands of the kids. For the toy.. the magic remained..
Lighted bays with engine room, rest and recreation room, control center and dining room… with rotation antenna, lights and space sound.. what a fantastic toy !

battery operated by 2 D-Cells that go in the bottom of the toy.
The condition of the toy is excellent to near mint. no damage or whatever and it works like a charm. Original antenna. the box is original with the inserts. There is some old taping and some wear and tears as shown in the pictures. Very good box condition. original.
Have a good look at the fantastic artwork.  wow !!

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