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Horikawa – New Space Explorer     Grey Variation.

“New” was of course a relative word on the robot boxes in the sixties… Mostly it was a new color or a different head that made the robot a “new” one.

This Space Explorer was “New” because it came in a different color: GREY and wow, this color suits this robot way better than the regular dark brown. Finding this robot in grey is difficult. Rare and scarce color variation of this fantastic robot ( read astronaut 🙂

I found the robot in a high end collection in the Netherlands. The collection of about 150 pieces belonged to a man who`s aunt helped him building the collection. when he moved out the house, his parents were left with boxes filled with robots. after 10 years they asked their son if he wanted the robots but because he had no space and interest in them anymore, he let his parents sell the collection. This robot was part of that collection.

In action this robot walks forward. after the robot stops, he reveil the screen that is hidden behind the lithographed front panel. Inside the screen is a space movie lighted up and running. Then the door close again and the robot continues walking.

The condition of this robot is awesome, best I have ever seen. near mint condition, flawless robot, works fine and strong.
The robot is accompanied by its original box with inserts. The condition of the box is near mint. fantastic original box with all the inserts..

Very hard to find in this condition, no need to ever upgrade this one !. Oh.. and I did I mention it works like a charm ! ? .. well .. it does ! 🙂

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