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Horikawa – Mr Patrol.

Mr Patrol is the hardest to find variation in this series of Horikawa Robots. Made in Japan in the early sixties.  Mr Patrol is the robot with the most gizmo`s and therefore the one that could get broken easily. with walking action, siren sound, moving arms, flashing lights and meters in his chest that move up and down.
Made in 2 variations by the way, as astronaut ( this one ) and as robot version.

Ever wondered why they made robot and astronaut versions ! ?  Kids would use 2 then and use the astronaut to battle with the robot or vice versa 🙂
also the NEW ACTION TOY for the next year was easy to make this way 🙂

I bought this robot from a collection in the UK. The Robot was not working because of a broken plastic battery compartment. I replaced the battery compartment and made the robot fully functional again so that it will work again for the next 50 years 🙂

The condition is excellent and the robot is complete and all original. Works like a charm with all the actions. some light play wear is all to mention on this one.
Very nice robot in perfect working condition. The robot comes with the original box in good condition. The box has several damages, repairs and tears. Please refer to the pictures for the condition of the box. Still… the robot is rare and scarce and so it the box !! this robot is seldom found with its original box !

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