Project omschrijving

Horikawa – Mars Explorer.

As i had this robot in my collection for quite some time… I finally had the change to complete the robot again. Because of the Covid-19 Virus trading worldwide was slow and that gave me time to do some 3D drawing for new parts.
This robot was missing its guns for years and I completed the robot again with 3D printed transparant guns in orange/yellow just like the original guns. well if I would not mention it, you would probably never knew the guns were a replacement ! 🙂

Mars Explorer was made in the early sixties in Japan by Horikawa. Comes in 2 color variations: grey and red. The robot is complete again and works perfectly with its new guns. Not only they light up while shooting but also they open de door 🙂
the robots condition is absolute excellent and works fine and strong with all the stop and go actions. The box is original and excellent as well

Extremely hard to find in RED and with original box… WOW !   hard to beat combination !

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