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Horikawa – Golden Roto Robot.

Made in the late sixties by SH Horikawa in Japan. Roto Robot was made in many small different litho variations, I believe there are more than different ones made, but this one is the one with the biggest changes.. not in brown ( with small variations ) but in GOLD ! 😉
Even the box is different and tells us this is really a GOLDEN Roto Robot 🙂 !

Made in Japan by Horikawa. Made out of tin and plastic parts and the robot runs on 2 C-Cell batteries that goes under the head section. In action the robot walks with ( yes you guessed it right..) Rotating body, shooting guns and walking action. Nothing and nobody can escape from the destruction of this robot !

The condition is excellent to near mint, all original and complete and the robot works like a charm. NO flaws to mention. Comes with original ( golden roto ) box in excellent to near mint condition as well and even has the original inserts !.

Hard.. no Very hard to find robot that seldom sees daylight… and in this condition.. .. .. .. wow

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