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Horikawa – Golden Gear Robot.

This rare and scarce robot was made by SH Horikawa for Frankonia and is named: Golden Gear Robot. I believe this is only the second time this robot enters the Dutch Caves and the first one i had did not even had the box so a special robot for sure. Made in Japan in the early sixties by the way.

Found again ( yes I know it becomes boring 🙂 in Italy Milano where a friend of mine picked it up on a local market. Not only the fact that the robot was in impressive condition but also because it was accompanied by its original seldom seen box. !
The robot was not working and a loose contact inside ( soldering ) was the problem so that was a quick fix. A good change to inspect the rest of the mechanism and oil the mechanism so that it runs smooth like new again.

I can be very short about the robots condition: Near mint Robot in pristine condition. fully working. The color is really bright and amazing. I have seen some other golden robots but mostly the gold is faded, not on this example… looks just as if it left the factory.. must have spent most of its life in the box.
In action the robot walks forward with spinning gears, flashing light and moving arms. works perfectly.
Accompanied by its original box in excellent condition. The corners have some minor issues but overall the box is above average and the front is simply perfect.
Hard to ever upgrade example of this rare and scarce Gear Robot variation in Gold !

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