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Horikawa – Fighting Robot

Sounded and lighted rapid gun fire, striding with swinging arms, moving antennas and visible gears mechanism in the head… yes this must be Horikawa`s Fighting Robot. Build in the Japan in the mid sixties by the famous Horikawa factory.

This horikawa Fighting Robot is in near mint condition. its in fully working condition with all the actions described here above. There is no rust, no dings and the domes in front and on the head of the robot are clear. Both the front and head dome have a minor stress crack but its even hard to picture but I have to mention it. Fighting Robot comes in its original box ( also near mint ). You can see that this robot has been light and gently played with but spent most of its life in its original box.

These type of robots are hard to find in any condition and are very scarce in this mint condition with ditto box. You will have a hard job to ever upgrade this one.

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