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Horikawa – Attacking Martian Gold Version

“The mother of all robots” This is the best way to describe this Japanese made robot by Horikawa, build in 1962. As far as I know this version comes in three colors: silver, gold and black. This version, the gold one is the most scarce one. This platform, a walking robot, that stops, opens his doors and reveals a double lightning gun with ra-ta-ta sound, is used throughout the sixties, seventies and even the eighties… still now robots are produced on this platform… but this martian is the first series ever produced, the mother of all robots 🙂

This Horikawa attacking Martian in gold is in excellent to near mint condition and shows only minor wear. The robot looks as it was hardly been played with, one of the best golden attacking Martians i have seen in years. Clean battery compartment and the robot works fine and strong,no flaws to mention.
The robot is accompanied by its original box that is in very good condition but shows some discoloring. the box shows some wear throughout but is complete and original.

Though attacking Martians are produced in large numbers, the all metal “fly-eyes” demands a big popularity and are scarce.  Later versions of this Martian were produced with plastic arms, legs and even the head was made of plastic in later versions.

Still you are looking at a scarce all metal excellent version of this legend. Hard to find in this condition with original box. One of the best golden attacking Martians I had here in the Dutch Caves. !

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