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Horikawa – Attacking Goggle Martian with Lighted Eyes ( VST 1008 )

When I found this robot in Italy it was missing its complete face and vizor. Sure the robot was a former astronaut. The plastic battery compartment was totally damaged but…. the remaining parts were really excellent and the minute I spotted the robot I knew immediately what to do with it.

I had a pair of “goggles” waiting for the robot in my workshop and after a couple of days I managed them to fit into the robots head. Also I had to create a new batterycompartment for the robot, not from plastic but a real tin and strong new battery compartment so that the robot will never have problems there again.

Further the plastic gear was replaced and lights were installed behind the “eyes” to give the robot “lighted goggle eyes” The result is amazing and again it just looks like the robot came from the factory this way. It all fits and the robot looks like it had a pair of goggles from the day it was build. The condition is excellent and the robot works strong with shooting guns, strong ratata sound and his eyes light up as well when he starts shooting.

Horikawa – Attacking Goggle Martian with Lighted Eyes made in Japan is my eight VST creation. Build out of original robot and space toy parts. The robot is signed in the battery compartment ( vst 1008 ) and comes with an official certificate. Its an unique piece, only one example is made.


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