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Hong Kong – Space Superman 4

This strange looking robot is made in several series and variations. I still trying to sort out how many of these are made. I found six variations now and I decided to call them 1  to 6 untill I have sorted out exactly their names and to which series they belong. The are all made out of plastic and made in Hong Kong somewhere in the early 1970`s.  They all share exactly the same action and bodystamping, they only differ in colorscheme and heads.

One of these does not make too much sense but when you place six of these on display… WOW   they really kick ass !!. If you are talking about upcomming robots from the seventies…. well, here they are !.

The condition of this robots is new / old stock and they appear to be much searched for. Pretty sure most of them came back to the shop in the past because they are simply not working properly, lucky robots because that is the only reason they survived all the years !
The robot is screwed together and easy to open without doing any damage.

You just never see these in the open market. The actions are walking forward, opening doors, guns that light up and fire and rotating action. I am sure not much of these have survived. This robot is totally made out of plastic which is not the best qualitly in the scene.  a very fragile robot that will break easily and is very fragile but…. wow look at the colors and appereance of this robot. really great and unbelievable rare and scarce.

You will have a REALLY hard job to find all of them. I will only sell these 6 super Spaceman as a complete series. some of them even have the original box, ask me about the details.
These are all very rare and scarce robots…you will not find these too often in the open market.

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