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Hong Kong – Lunar Spaceman Golden Variation

in 2011 I met a collector in Waterloo ( Belgium ) who simply has it all…. all variations, all rare robots, a house filled up with robots, robots and robots. my best guess is over 2000 but thats a low estimate. I saw there for the first time this great robot, Lunar Spaceman, the most ugly robot Hong Kong has ever produced. This collector had OF COURSE all the variations, one in grey, green, red and even a blue one. ” yes”  he told me proud, ”  I have them all ”

Man he was wrong 🙂 look what I found last month in England, TADAAAA a GOLDEN Variation 🙂 I was very happy with this rare robot. I searched all my books and catalogs but was not able to find one but its a real one, WOW 😉

The robot is all original and is complete except the battery cover that is missing. The battery compartment is clean and never housed a leaking battery. I tested the robot with 2 fresh batteries and the robot works but stops from time to time. The legs move, the doors open, guns come out. lights work but it stops from time to time so it does not run smoothly. There are no broken or missing parts anywhere on this robot.  I am pretty sure there is a bad wire, soldering or something like that that prevents the robot from running smoothly. There are no broken parts anywhere on the robot.

The box is original but stayed too much in direct sunlight and is in fair condition. The boxes for this robot are all the same for all the color variations. This GOLDEN Lunar Spaceman is a very very very rare color variations that is missing in every collection. Its as rare as gold itself 🙂

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