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Gorgo – Veloflech Espacial Future Car

It took me some time to figure out the manufacturers name… when you look at the bottom of the car, I see corgo and nog gorgo so i found out by accident the name of the car and that is also something you dont see every day in vintage toy world :-)… VELOFLECH ESPACIAL…
Must be from Argentina and that is exactly where the car is made 🙂

The car is made out of tin with plastic drivers behind the steering wheel. with friction engine and sparks at the back of the car. In action the car rolls forward with cool astronaut looks 🙂
The condition is excellent to near mint. the car is original and complete and works fine. no sparks anymore but to be honest, I am not sure if there ever were sparks. I dont want to open up the car for that to inspect and leave that to decide to the new owner.

Fantastic example of this hard to find future car. Made by Gorgo in Argentina.

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