Project omschrijving

Gama – Electro Astronautic

Rare and scarce is the best way to describe this “Satelliten Abschussbasis ” ( thats what the box says in German 🙂
Made in the fifties by Gama in Western Germany.

Never seen this one before.. ever !. Found it in Belgium on a toyshow. The toy is in working condition and has, besides the tube and pump, all the original parts. The ball ( sattelite ) is missing but that is an easy replacement.

In action you can look through the ( mirror ) to aim your rocket to the floating sattelite and shoot the rocket with the airpump. Fantastic and ingenious toy !
Made out of plastic parts and battery operated ( runs on 2 D-Cells )
The condition of the toy is excellent. the ball ( sattelite ) is missing and the tube and pump are not original for this toy. The mechanism is fully operational and working.
The box is very good, complete and original.

A very rare and scarce spacetoy that I have never seen before !

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