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Gakken – Asto Robot

It does not happen that often that a sold robot finds its way back to the Ducht Caves but this one is so special that i HAD to let him in the Caves for the second time 🙂
And NO, its not a mistype.. the robots name is ASTO and not ASTRO as you would expect it to be 🙂

Made by Gakken in Japan in the late sixties. Asto Robot is made out of tin ( base ) and plastic and is battery operated. The robot takes 2 C-Cells in the back.
Walks in a fantastic spiderish way with lighted guns and lighted head. absolute stunning robot with rare action.

The robot is in excellent to near mint condition. works fine and strong, no flaws to mention on this one. Make NO mistakes here. Asto Robot is exceedingly rare and scarce and never shows up in the open market.. can you remember EVER seeing this robot before ! ? Nopes.. me neither.. 😉

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