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Exelo – American Circus Television Space Car

This rare car got my attention because I had seen it before ! not in red but in blue and with a robot behind the steering wheel instead of a clown 🙂 Further investigation learned that the car is not Yonezawa made but Exelo and we, roboteers, have never heard of this company before but…. its interesting.

Allthough the car is (almost not, but it has a rocket with space patrol ! 🙂 ) space related, its cool and has many nice functions. My first guess was….” Oh of course… on mars and in outer space there was of course Space Circus ”

This awesome car has many nice features: moving clown, rinkle bell sound, forward action, swirling antenna, a tv screen, with light and movie. Dont make any mistakes on this car.. its rare and scarce and on the scale out of 10 it scores…. 10 for rarity. Its a rare and scarce toy and in this condition… wow.. the toy is near mint to mint, no flaws to mention other than it misses the original box.

Its made in Japan by the way by Exelo but the base for the car is the same as for Space Car by Yonezawa.

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