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ET – Atomic Boat X-90

I remembered I saw this rare boat before and I had to dive into my books again for days to look for it. Found it in the Smithhouse Auction of “Mr-Mint” Part 1 in 2009.  Yes I was right, I knew I saw this boat before 🙂 Found this ultra rare boat in an antique shop in Napels (Italy) last year and although the condition is not superb, i brought it back home because I knew there was something with this boat 🙂

Made out of tin and made in Japan by an, for us roboteers, unknown company called ET.  The boat is powered by a crank mechanism that drives the propellor.. ehhh BOTH propellers at the back. Yes 2 props because this boat is made for outer space and needs one to be powered into water or any fluid on any planet but when there is no water…The boat uses the second prop to fly in outer space 🙂 yep… the japanese constructors thought of everything, thats for sure 😉

The boat must have been on many planets because the front suffered from rocks, water, fluid and astroids in outer space 🙂 There is some corrosion and missing paint as shown in the pictures but the boat is complete, still works, comes with the robot and the plastic space prop as well… Ultra rare and I doubt if this toy is present in many other collections. I would rate the condition as good to very good but to be honest, who would care… its an ultra rare space toy that you probably never see again in the open market. There is some wear throughout, some scratches and some corrosion spots at the front. Further the toy is complete and all original.  Showed up once in 2009 and that is the only example I could find besides this one

Extremely Rare Space toy in any condition.

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