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Epoch – Space Ship.

Making and creating a real spaceship is pretty hard and will cost a lot of money but also space ship toys need clever thinking and will result in awesome space toys behind our imagination…….

In the late sixties Epoch, a small manufacturer in Japan did the impossible and created a flying space ship and with flying i really mean… Flying 🙂 !  We all know the modern drones by now…well this is absolutely the forerunner of the modern drone.. This complex space toy / Space ship is really able to FLY !.. Made out of plastic parts which survived the test of time very well by the way…I have seen this toy before over the years, but never complete, working and with the original box..

In action you have to build up this space ship of which the instruction manual is printed inside the top lid, pretty handy otherwise you would never been able to build it up and make it working. The center pillar bears the spaceship construction. with 2 D-Cell batteries at the back, and a real control panel to power the 2 props on the spaceship. The control panel allows you to separately control the 2 props at different speed. This makes the spaceship to lift off and can actually fly around the central pillar.  The spaceship can be docked on the base station as well.

A fantastic rare and scarce space toy in this complete, original and full working condition. The condition of the toy and the box is near mint, no flaws to mention other than that you need 2 dry cell ( read lighter ) batteries to keep the spaceship in balance… the modern alkaline batteries are too heavy. I tested the spaceship with 2 dry-cell batteries and it really works, it really flies ! 🙂 ultra cool to see this one in action. The toy is accompanied by its original box with original inserts in near mint condition as well.

Extremely rare and scarce spacetoy in this complete and working condition.. First time I ever ran into this toy…

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