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Daiya – Astro Racer

This somewhat uncommon space toy was build in 1960 by Daiya in Japan. This time its a space toy without the mystery bump&go action but the attractive “stop and go” funktion. This battery operated space car comes with flashing lights and a spinning engine light. when placed on the floor the Astro Racer shows its flashing lightshow, engine sound and engine light. suddenly it “shifts” into the first gear and heads out. after a while it stops and the sequence start all over again.

I can be very short about the condition of this wonderful astro racer: near mint to mint car in excellent to near mint box. The condition is really fantastic and the car works fine and strong. No flaws to mention on this one and you will have a very hard job to ever upgrade this one !

The car works fine and strong and is really near mint to mint. The box is complete, all original and has no damage, no tears or holes or any repairs. It only shows some creasing as shown in the pictures. This is caused by storing the box away with some other toys on top.
The box is complete and has BOTH the original inserts !

You can really NOT go wrong with this example ! Best I have seen in years.

Hard to find space car in this condition, scarce toy and ditto box.

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