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Daito – Space Missile Tank.

I believe it was about 4 years ago that I saw this tank for the first time. It was in Italy on a street market.  I was to late because the guy in front of me decided to buy it…

It took many years again before it crossed my path again… this time it was even better because I found one with the original box 🙂
Now, it has also been a while since i had a spacetoy that was made by Daito.. I believe a small brown robot was the last one I ever had produced by Daito..

Back to the tank now. Made in Japan in the mid sixties and made by Daito.  This tinmade and silver lithographed tank is a real rarity and simply never shows up in the market.

The tank is friction powered and driven by an astronaut controlling the tank and a big green transpirant cannon… MUST be to shoot the aliens from mars 🙂

The condition of the tank is all original and complete and besides some fading in the silver litho ( caused by the “acid” of human hands ) the tank is really in fantastic excellent condition. It works fine and strong and comes with the even more scarce original box in excellent condition as well…
IF you are looking for a really RARE space tank to add to your collection, than look NO further… This Daito Space Missile Tank is the one to add to your collection… Will probably take YEARS again before you will see one again in this complete and excellent condition !

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