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Bullmark – Ultraman Jack

From time to time, rare toys show up and it keeps me amazing how many beautifull toys were made in Japan in the Golden Age.
This robot came in as a sort of “Revel” building pack 🙂 The robot had been played with a lot and was badly damaged but… all the parts were there, complete ( except the battery cover ) and all could be repaired so time for a new project :).

Ultraman was a popular character in Japan in the late sixties and early seventies and was made and produced in several variations. I had seen windup versions ( pretty common ), and I recently ran into a boxed, ultra rare and scarce battery operated version with original box and by than I thought I really had seen all the variation…wrong. THIS is for sure the most looked for, wanted and hardest to find variation of Ultraman, this is the so called “LONG LEG” version of which I had no idea it even was produced. I started my journey to look for info, pictures and boxart for this robot but the result was: ZERO !

This Long Leg Ultraman Jack was made in the early seventies by BULLMARK in Japan and trust me, dont even try to find any information because you will simply not find any info about this rare robot, Its unbelievable rare and scarce.

Ok, when the robot came in, the batterycover was missing, arms loose, head, legs, all had been torn apart but… the robot was complete and had potential. I took a couple of days to took the robot apart, and made the mechanism work again, repaired the legs, and made a plastic batterycover for the robot.
After cleaning up the robot the result was amazing. besides a couple of minor spots, the robot is much more than I could ever have dreamed of.

Today I had finally the time to put the robot back together and to bring him back to life again: The robot is tilting a bit forward but that has to do with a worn out rod in both the legs. The robot is relatively big and measures 42 CM high, which makes him almost as big as a Masudaya Gang member 🙂 an impressive character robot with awesome action and litho. In action the robot walks forward with clicking sound, swinging arms and lighted eyes. In his chest a bleu starlight blinks while the robot walks forward. The robot takes 2 C-cells in the back.

The condition is excellent and the robot works fine with all the actions. there are some scattered small corrosion spots and the battery cover is a replacement. No other flaws to mention. Bullmark Ultraman Jack Long Leg version is considered to be the Holy Grail for Japanese Character collectors and is missing in most high end collections.
Extremely hard to find robot in any condition, and you wont see this one again in the… lets say next 15 years !

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