Project omschrijving

Bandai – Andy Galaxo Red Fighter

Well.. this is complicated because of many reasons… first. the box is german… and.. shows a blue fighter but when you take a good look… there is a red dot on the left lower corner…

so. inside… there is .. tadaaa. a RED Fighter  ! 😉
Made in the eighties I guess ( not sure ) but Bandai in Japan. Battery operated  ( runs on 2 C-Cells ) The robot is modular and can be build up in several different shapes. ( saw I attached the legs not correct hahaha ) left on the right and vice versa )

Still besides the fantastic artwork on the box.. this is a robot that is seldom seen in the market. Build out of loose parts in plastic.
The condition is near mint.. parts need a cleaning job but i will leave that to the new owner. All the parts are present. and the robot works fine but.. the on/off switch is a bit temperamentfull. The robot works with the switch in the middle.. well.. not a reason to take the robot apart.
Accompanied by the original box ( this is the way better box than the english version for the red one )

Hard to find robot and box.