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ATC – Space Robot X-103

With the start of a new year its good to look back and forward to the things to come…. I did not had the time to add this toy last year so I thought 2013 must be it and lets start with an awesome robot.. saucer… spacetoy. Its 2016 now and the saucer is still in my collection. Time to make some new pictures of this rarity ! 🙂

Made in the late fifties in Japan by ATC: Space Robot.  Nothing more and nothing less.. and with this said, I want to start 2013 with wich I believe is the most scarce and rare flying saucer / spacetoy on this planet: ATC Space Robot.
this toy never showed up in any auction before and why… because its so “fucking” rare and scarce that nobody has this toy 😉

I always had a weakness for flying saucers and have had most saucers in hand or seen them in real but this one… wow.. rare like sjiet !@*UR*$*$%&%)(#   🙂

The saucer was made in the late fifties in Japan. The toy is only marked: Made in Japan but does not have a manufacturers mark. The robot used is the same as the robot in the ATC car so the toy must come from that manufacturer. This saucer has a special moving feature as well, I try to explain: You take the robot between 2 fingers and push the toy forwards. Than the saucer around the robot starts to rotate rapidly and when it reaches topspeed, its time to let go of the robot and than the saucer speeds away with the robot in control surrounded by a spinning, a fast spinning saucer, absolute unique action.

The litho is really beautifull, and the robot still has a lot of his golden paint. the reason why its vanished a bit is simple… you have to hold the robot with your fingers to get the saucer going. THE ( your ) fingers cause a chemical process that removes the golden paint. You also can see this process with silver painted robots like the secret weapon spacescout for example or the silver apollo rockects from modern toys, all these silver and gold painted surfaces suffer from the same problems: Our Fingers 🙂

Ok, back to the saucer now. The toys is totally made out of lithographed tin and is reletively small. Its powered like described here above. The condition is excellent and only the loss of golden paint on the robot is keeping it from higher grades.
IF you will ever see this toy again it will defently have the same loss of golden paint like this robot so its comming for this kind of paint.

The saucer works fine and strong and is all original. The only thing missing is the box but I dont believe anybody ever saw the box for this toy 🙂

ATC Space Robot X-103 is THE most rare and scarce saucers in the scene, no doubt about that. You will never see this one again once its gone….

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