Project omschrijving

ATC – Space Patrol Car R-3

Well, what would be better than having an incomplete car standing on your shelves… Yep, exactly ! making it complete again.
Now, parts for this rare and scarce car are seldom seen and it looks like they all miss the same parts… the gun assembly on the hood.

For this car its no different.. missing the complete gun and I decided to make the car complete again by creating a complete gun assembly myself in CAD, 3D.
The gun you see mounted on this car has been drawn in CAD and then 3D printed in High resolution. The gun is glued on the car with special glue so that the litho of the toy stays intact.  The gun is also working, the “bullet” inside moves forwards and backwards. The details are handpainted.

The driver of this car also had some problems, missing its ears and antenna so I created them as well.
The result is, I think, stunning. way better than leaving the car incomplete on my shelves.. its cool and complete again now.

The rest of the car is in very good to excellent condition. the car shows normal playwear and the chrome parts are oxicated , as you could expect from a toy of this age.

The friction is working.

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