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ASC – Tremendous Mike

This is one of the scarcest robots to date. Build In Japan in the mid 1950`s by ASC. This blockhead Robot is seldom seen in the open market, totally build out of tin and runs with a clockwork mechanism. 2 versions are known of this robot. There is also a version in orange. This grey / red version is considered the most scarce one. In action this skirted robot walks around and then suddenly changes direction. There are sparks in his chest and his antenna rotates on his head. THe robot is amazing but the box artwork is out of this world : Its ART.

I found the robot recently in Florence ( Italy of course ) where it was part of a Toy collection. There were many toys but only ONE ! robot, this one ! 🙂 I met the son of the collector in Pisa and he told me his father collected for many years. He bought the robot new over 45 years ago and kept it in storage for the same amount of years. NEVER the robot left the box in all those years. Now the collection was sold and I was able to lay my hands in this treasure ! The original price was 1200 lires by the way ( about 3 dollars  🙂 Pisa is great by the way ! 🙂 The tower is amazing so if you ever visit Italy, you should absolute see the Tower of Pisa 🙂

Ok, back to the robot now and I am able to describe the condition of the robot and the box in one single word:    ***  MINT ***    🙂

The robot is new, never been played with, never left the box. NO flaws to mention. Mint robot in ditto box, the pictures will speak for themselves.
Make no mistake here, Tremendous Mike WITH original box is one of the hardest to find combinations on this planet. The box is hardly seen and NEVER in this condition. a real italian treasure !. and this is exactly what makes this hobby so special 🙂

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