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Asakusa – Atom Boy Motorcycle

Asakusa can be found on the eastside of Tokyo in Japan nowadays.
This “subtown” was there already in the fifties and the toy company that was active there was called Asakusa as well.

Thunder Robot made this place and this brand famous. Asakusa was not very famous of their robots, they only build a few robots and spacetoys. They were famous for their tin toy cars. Considering the information here above i was even more surprised when I found this motorcycle marked: Asakusa A-1 Toy
besides the fact that I never saw this motorcycle ever before, it surprised me even more that Asakusa made this toy. Even more curious is the fact that the motorcycle is driven by nobody else then Atom Boy aka Astro boy.

What a great find, !! wow. Astroboy is for sure my favorite space toy related figure. Every time I see astro boy my heart beats faster but almost stopped when I saw this toy. This Atom Boy Motorcycle is probably the only one left on this planet !! I searched the web, books, auctions, private collections and found many rare atom boys but NEVER I saw this one before, Ever ! At least this proves that not many survived time for sure. The motorcycle has awesome litho with astro boy lithoed on the motorcycle, how cool is that, atom boy has his own special paint  ! Build totally out of lithographed tin and friction powered. Only Atom Boy`s head is celluloid made.

Then the condition…… Somewhere in the toys life somebody thought the arms did not look to good anymore and started to repaint a part of one arm. Thank God only one small piece was repainted. I will bring this arm to Jean Pierre to correct this issue. Further the motor is in well played condition and shows the normal wear that you can expect from a played with toy. Considering this motor was build in the late fifties or early sixties ( I Think 1961 but not sure, still investing ) it survived the years very well. Besides the normal playwear the motor is complete and all original and I think still in very very good to excellent condition. Useless to say this toy is hard to upgrade because it’s probably the only one left on this planet. !!

Atom Boy Motorcycle, made by Asakusa in Japan in the early sixties is an unique piece, extremely rare and scarce. As far as my information goes, this is the FIRST time this toy ever surfaced. I can not remember that I have ever seen this one before, EVER !!

Extremely Rare and Scarce Spacetoy.

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