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Amico – Walking Space Robot.

This is the rarest in the “monster robot” series for sure. Made by Amico in Hongkong in the early seventies.
Besides the much cooler looks of this robot it differs also in the quality.. This robot is build much better and with better materials than the later examples.. The quality of this Space walking Robot is really much better and stronger than the later ones.

Made for Amico in Hong Kong.  According to the box the robot can climb obstacles and inclines.  No idea what that last word means but sounds mysterious to me for a robot 🙂

In action this robot walks forwards OR backwards, whatever you chose ( done by switch ) and his antenna spins on his head. I am not sure if his eyes are supposed to light up. I never had this robot before and this one does not light up. If there is a bulb than it needs to be replaced.  The robot can be opened by screws so should not be a big deal but i will leave that to decide to the new owner.

The robot is complete, original and in perfect working condition. Beside some wear to the 2 small paper stickers on his shoulders there is not much else to mention on this one.  absolute very nice robot, complete and all original ! Robots condition is excellent and so is the box.
Comes with its original box !  Rare shape of the box, a miracle the box ever survived…

In never saw this robot before boxed in all my years of collecting.. a rare and extremely scarce robot in this complete and working condition !

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