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Alps – Firebird Batmobile with Batman and Robin

Batman with Robin, sitting in a firebird concept car from Alps… Things Can be more crazy than I could imagine ! 🙂  I never saw this variation before, ever and I was not able to find out the exact name of this car so for the time being its Firebird Batmobile with Batman and Robin.

The car that is used is the famous Firebird concept car. Batman and robin are in the driver seats and there is no dome, never was there by the way.. Its a convertible Fire – Batman Car… can you still follow this…. 🙂 The car is decorated with Bats, a real batmobile. Batman and Robin are tinmade by the way.
The condition is excellent, in played with condition. Works fine and is complete, no box. There is swiveling light, bump and go AND  a gun is coming out of the hood, lights up and fires ! 🙂

One of the most rare batmobiles I ever saw so far…. No box or other examples are known to exist, at least I never saw them or could find them. A rare and scarce Batmobile….  !

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