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Tibidabo – Lunik 2000

Well, because this toy was made in Italy the box tells us the exact name of course of this toy” Astronave Viaggiante Lunik 2000 Missione N-1 .   ( with Mystery action 🙂 Made by a company called Tibidabo in Italy ( Torino )

Not only the box is a beauty, so is the toy although its made of plastic.. who cares 🙂 Probably made in the early seventies but not sure about the exact year of production, I will try to find out that later.

In action the lunik 2000 moves around with blinking light and clicking action with mystery bump and go action, driven by an astronaut in control of the spaceship.
The condition of this rare and scarce toy is near mint and so is the box. The box shows one minor tear in the toplid that has been professionally repaired. The toy works fine and strong with with all the actions.

The box is original and in excellent condition. Amazing toy, rare and scarce and VERY hard to find in this pristine condition ! Hard to ever upgrade !

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