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Yonezawa – Buzzer Robot.

The odds of finding a boxed Buzzer Robot are not that big :). Buzzer Robot is seldom seen in the open market. An extremely rare and scarce robot that is missing in most collections.  Buzzer robot is based on the well known directional robot and shares also the body stamping with Mr Robot. The action of this tinmade robot are exactly the same as for directional robot but the head triggers a loud buzzing mechanism. The eyes light up as well as the dome on the head.

Its not always that I can come up with spotless robots however and there is something to tell about this robot for sure as you must have spotted in the pictures.
There is some serious damage to the robot, caused by leaking batteries somewhere in the robots life. The most corrosion concentrates to the back of the robot around the battery compartment. I made some good pictures from all sides of the robot to give a good impression of this damage. Not much you can do about this……

Now for the GOOD news 🙂 The robot is complete, all original and is still in perfect working condition. When the robot arrived I just inserted batteries but did not expect to much… surprise,the robot works fine and strong with all the actions its supposed to do and even the buzzer still works fine. Because most of the corrosion is located to the back of the robot, the front is very nice and displays very well.  extremely rare and scarce robot in any condition…. Not perfect for sure but acceptable the way it is.

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