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Tomy – Mike Robot

” He snaps out at your command”  !!!

This awesome looking robot was made around 1965 and is again a robot that you will not see too often in the open market. This robot uses pretty special electronica already for a robot of this age. The robot can be manually moved forward ( not motorized ) and advances with ticking sound. The action starts when you speak into his remote microphone… Your voice is transmitted through his chest, his eyes light up on your voice and he moves his mouth. Awesome detail are the 2 teeth that become visible when he opens his mouth, great detail are also the ” eyelashes”

The robot is made out of durable plastic and was made in Japan by Tomy around 1965. Again this is one of the vintage plastic robots that you do see too often. In fact this is a very scarce robot, i never saw it before in the open market.

The condition of this robot is excellent to near mint but what makes this robot so special is that he is still working !. These robots never seem to work when you can find them but this one does.
I inserted batteries and started to talk through the microphone. The robot works perfectly and its really great to see it in action.
Comes with ultra rare and scarce original box.  !!

Very hard to find robot in ANY condition. This one is rare and scarce.

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