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Red China – Dual Space Racer

I had this future car… firebird car.. one time before many years ago but it was.. RED… sold it quickly and never saw it afterwards… I never knew any better than that this Dual Racer was only available in .. RED.. but…. last week, i was contacted by a dutch collector and he asked me if I was interested in a Dual Racer.. from China..

He showed me pictures and first i thought he was making a joke….. in Blue ! ??.. this car was, as far as I know.. only made in Red…! ?
I bought the car and here it is… Made in Red China as a foreign tin toy.. MF-761. Dual Space Racer.. but in Original BLUE ! wow ! with original box + insert !

the car looks hardly been played with. Made in China in the time that also the Chinese were able to produces high end tin toys ! 😉
In near mint condition and perfectly working ! and… as far as I can tell for the moment… I dont think that there are many others on this planet in this color ! 😉

Ultra+ rare and scarce.. made in China .. Dual Space Racer.. in BLUE !…..

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