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Modern Toys – Space Survey X-09 Blue variation.

This one was lying around in my workshop for over 5 years. stored away in a box in the “old store stock” section 😉
its as if you discover a new toy ( in fact it is ) after all those years.

I found this one in Sweden years ago, part of an old toyshop that was closed for many years and had to be cleaned out.
The seller contacted me with some other spacetoys ( remember there were 2 attacking martians unplayed with )

This example of Space Survey was brought back to the shop probably. Looks like it has been played with only a few times and then stopped working ( because of a bad on off switch that i repaired of course )
in near mint to mint condition.. not flaws to mention.. with original box and inserts.

Made by Modern Toys in Japan in the early sixties. This toy was made in several litho variation.. later versions lack the “moving arm ” feature.. this one has it !
arm moves up and down when the astronaut controls the space ship. with click click sound, mystery bump and go and flashing lights ( work weak by the way )

comes with fantastic original box with only some storage wear..

Very hard to find this toy in this sublime condition !

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