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Modern Toys – Space Patrol Fire Bird 3

This awesome spaceship or spacerocket, its how you want to call it, shares its body with the more known Sonicon Rocket. While the Sonicon Rocket is pretty common, this variation is not. This awesome lithographed spaceship comes with mystery bump&go action, spacesound and flashing lights at the back. It was made in the mid 1960`s by Masudaya ( modern toys ) in Japan.

This rare variation does not show up too often and is often missing the backlights, these fragile backlights break of easily and are missing most of the time. I had this toy before some years ago but without the box.. this time I was able to locate it WITH the original box ! 😉

The condition of the Fire Bird is excellent to near mint and some tarnish at the chrome part at the back is keeping this toy from higher grading.
The chrome could need a good polish and that is about all you have to do about this toy.  Its in full working condition, clean batterycompartment, perfect dome and works fine and strong.

and YES, accompanied by its original box. the box is in very good condition but has been repaired from the inside. The whole top of the box is glued on a strong innerbox to prevent it from falling apart.
Very nice done and it saved the original box for sure.  Very rare and scarce box by the way.

So overall, a rare and scarce combination of the toy and the box.. not often seen in the market. This is the first time in 12 years I Have the toy and the rare box complete.

Hard to find combination.

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