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Modern Toys – Space Man

Shaking is THE remedy for old used tin toys that are not working anymore and this is again a perfect example of a robot on which this technique is used. When I found the robot it was dirty but complete and under the dirt you could see a really perfect robot. I inserted 2 batteries in the remote and only the light worked, nothing else.

I have learned that when only the light works, the electric circuit is intact and that the motor is stuck because of years and years staying in unused condition. The use of 2 fresh batteries, some patience and gently shaking will do the rest. It took me only 10 minutes to bring this robot back to life and I can tell you, every time I do this trick its SOOOO cool to see the robot come back to life again after all those years being “dead”

This legendary space man was made in Japan in the late 1950`s and was made in 3 variations. There is a green version with a red plastic remote, a green/blue version with a lithoed remote ( this one ) and a red version. This awesome detailed robot was made in the late 1950`s in Japan. Take a close look at the detailed tinmade lithoed face, very very nice and detailed. In action this spaceman walks forward with wobbling walking action, his arms move and a flashing light is helping him in the darkness.  The body is made of very nice detailed lithographed tin and so is the beautiful remote with awesome litho.

The condition of this robot is excellent. There is very little playwear and the robot is all complete and 100 % original. Even the remote and the wire are original. The wire is flexible and has not dried out.
The robot shows some light playwear and some scratches but it really survived the years very very well !. The robot works fine and strong with all the actions, light and walking with swinging arms.  Original and clean battery box, very nice example of this hard to find robot.

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