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Lyra – Planet Explorer ( non – fall )

Ahummm……The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the box is: ” Hey, damned, I know this toy but its NOT ” non – fall “… Its the Three stage rocket by Nomura, at least, that IS the rocket that is drawn on the box… but NON FALL ! ?? huh ….

Surprise, Surprise… you are NOT looking at a Japanese Space toy but a Greece one…. made by Lyra.
I found this rocket when I visited a friend over there, he knew somebody that knew somebody that maybe had some interesting toys 🙂 It turned out to be a student who sold his fathers old toys and along with some other nice toys, this rare rocket showed up out of the box….

Its fantastic to see that the Lyra Toy factory just took a box, in this case the nomura three stage rocket one, and just grabbed the drawing, added some text and NON-FALL also did sound nice.. et voila, the box is ready. The rocket however was a bit more difficult to create and must be colorful because the country of toys simply demanded such colorful toys those days…

The result is out of this planet…..A copied box, with false information and a toy that does not even looks like the toy on the box… yes its a rocket but there stops all the comperisation. Funny those days of course but nowadays… in the collectors world of robots and spacetoys…. this toy is remarkable… first because it never showed up before in the open market, and second because it a valuable piece of space toy history. As far as my information goes… this is the only boxed toy known at this moment. NEVER saw it before in any book, ebay, auction houses or markets…

Maybe its a salesman sample, a prototype.. I have to idea to be honest. Fact is that the toy and its box are amazing, the rocket is very very nice as well.

The condition is excellent for both the box and the rocket. Rare with a big R  !!

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