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Linemar Toys – Golden Lantern Powder Robot.

Lantern, powder, smoking… these are some phrases that belong to this extremely scarce robot. Investing this a bit further and I came up with some answers 🙂 The first robot in grey/blue is called Lantern Robot and was made in 1957 in Japan by Linemar.

A full year later a second robot was released and showed up in the 1958 catalog. The box says: ” ROBOT    with lighted eyes and smoke and lighted Lantern To avoid mistakes about the 2 robots the first version ( grey ) is called Lantern Robot the second one was given another name: ” Powder ” robot.

Where both robots are extremely hard to find its even more difficult to find a complete and working one. The technique in this robot is awesome and I will try to explain. Of course the robot can walk like most tin toy robots. This robot uses ” pinwalking ” 2 static legs both have a pin inside that is driven by the internal mechanism. when the pin comes out underneath the left foot, it tilts the robot a bit, then the pin in the other foot comes out and the robot ” walks ”
It becomes better when you think of this mechanism and you see also the arms move. One of the arms holds a Lantern and YES a light inside blinks while the robot walks but… there is more !! Inside the robots head is a small container which can be filled with talcum powder. When the robot is in action a sort of piston inside is triggered and released by a strong spring which causes an overflow in the, with powder filled container, in the robots head. The only way out for the powder is a small tube inside the robots mouth et… voila…the robots ” smokes / read blows powder.

who the hell ever invented this… my god, what a creative brain ! awesome. !! Oh and did I also mention both eyes of the robot blink as well ! ?? well they DO ! 🙂 All of this above is packed in a stunning lithoed robot, a classic robot from the late fifties. For sure one of the best robots ever made !

The condition of this robot is near mint. Some light scratches is the only think I could find. Over 50 years of age. This robot
looks not much been played with ( thank god ! ) The robot works PERFECTLY with ALL the actions, its complete and 100 % original.
No need to upgrade this beauty ! The robot is accompanied by its original box in excellent condition. The box has a few minor tears and some inside repairs but its still an above average example of the box.

Together they make a combination that is hard to beat. An icon from the Golden Age… Limemar – Powder Robot !

This robot is for Display Only !!
If you have any questions about this robot then contact me