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Italy Milano Vietata – Pinocchio Atomico by Dan Voidod.

Have you EVER seen this robot before… dont LIE or your nose will grow just like the one of PINOCCHIO ! 🙂

I can not remember I had a robot in hand that is more rare than this dude…. where shall I begin. ! ?  OF COURSE i found the robot in Italy, not in an old toyshop this time but it just crossed my path hunting toys there.

This robot was made in Italy by Vietata and designed by Dan Voivod.
Made in the early sixties in Italy and not in Japan ! 🙂 wow….. An Atomic Pinocchio… who on earth came up with that idea, amazing.

What even is more amazing is that this Pinocchio is probably on of the few ones left with original box on this planet and I will explain why: This robot is super fragile. Its really a miracle this robot survived in this condition. Its made out of plastic that is super fragile. The joints in the arms and legs are simply made to break as well as the dome of this strange dude.

When Pinocchio arrived it was broken into several pieces. the legs and especially the knees were broken just because the robot is too heavy for those fragile joints. I had to fix both joints and insert a wooden wig to make sure it can not break again. The joints in both knees are fixed now but it allows Pinocchio to stand up by himself again now so that he can be displayed properly.

I had this robot before a couple of years ago and I could not find out than what the button on his chest was for, I was able to find out this time. when the robot arrived in some pieces the bottom of one of the yellow cylinders on his back was loose and guess what was inside… a totally corroded battery 🙂  The yellow container takes ONE special battery ( that I don’t have by the way ) to light up the eyes of Pinocchio.  the button on his chest is to light them up 😉

So Pinocchio Atomico is a static Robot with Lighted eyes, Totally crazy Space Design and Really Fantastic Artwork on the box.
Absolutely Unique robot and design.

The condition is near mint and so is the original box. Both the knee joints have been fixed and allow the robot to stand properly. There are a few minor cracks in the dome but hardly visable.  The lights in the eyes work fine but you need a special battery that fits into the left yellow container on his back.

ALL original parts, no missing parts and accompanied by its original box. Hard to ever upgrade IF you are able to find one. The absolute fragile character of this toy makes it Ultra rare these days because i can not believe much have survived…

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